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Physicians: Packages



A.M. Best rated “A” or better carrier.

This program is designed to be a ‘standard market’ program. It was created with the idea that the Medial Malpractice market has been dominated by smaller more volatile carriers that few outside the specialty world of MPL have ever heard of. The answer was to create a program with paper that everyone knows and do so in all 50 states with a form friendly to the doctor/insured.

  • Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London Paper

  • 49 States, (No New York)

  • Consent to Settle 

  • Incident Trigger

  • Supplementary Payments for Court Costs, Interests on covered claims, Appeals Bonds (If career elects to pursue), $500 loss of earning out of office in court, Defense Costs Outside Limits

  • Prior Acts Freely written

  • Additional Limits Available for Corporate entity (Shared or separate)

  • Free Unlimited Tail on Death or Retirement (5 Years age 60)

  • All classes except OB, Bariatrics, Plastics, Spine Surgery


Please submit all applications to

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